OK Pumps generally deals in polluted water submersible motor pumps with and without guide bars, well submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, deep-well turbine pumps, fountains of different kinds, deep-well submersible pumps, including boring equipments, pipes, filters and other attachments. The firm has a good team of highly qualified technicians, skilled labor with the facilities of test bed. It is signified in electrical / mechanical fields. The firm uses its own tooling and dies to keep up superlative manufacturing standards for each component. Every machine then undergoes an extensive and ISO 9001 certified quality control examination before it leaves the factory.

How Quality Originates?

K Producing system is based on 60 years’ experience each product manufactured after a deep study of every single component in order to reach the best degree of functionality in its electrical and mechanical parts.

Each stage, from planning to assembly is controlled by authenticated equipment, which assure the maximum precision and trustfulness of our products, even in the most utilization.Since the request of the market and getting more and more demanding and qualified, Ok has achieved the certification of conformity according to the requirement of the ISO 9002 standards.

All this turns in great quality product introduced into the market with a certainty of a good service and assistance, which allows the buyers to be completely trustful.

Pump Types

Turbine pump:-

  • Bowl Assembly
  • Discharge head
  • Column pipe
  • Column shaft
  • Motor drive
  • Flat belt drive

Submersible pump:-

  • Sewage water
  • Clean water
  • Bore hole
  • Polluted water

Multistage pump:-

  • Vertical Multistage pump
  • Horizontal Multistage pump

Centrifugal pump:-

  • Clean water
  • Non Clogging

Domestic Pumps:-

  • Mono block pump
  • Jet pump
  • High pressure booster pump

Sales & Service

Where you are buying a pump, there are a lot of options to consider and choices to be made. OK Pumps is here to assist you in selecting the correct pump for your particular need.
No matter what the application, access to the right information is critical for sizing the correct pump for your system.
OK PUMPS  is reliable industrial reality, which has reached the complete awareness of its role.



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